Bellcount S515

Accurate and reliable one and a half pocket multicurrency banknote counter with sorting functions and value counting function for sorted or mixed denomination banknotes (4 orientations). Efficient note feeding, tolerant to poor quality notes. Handles more than 20 different currencies.


  • Dual-CIS sensor technology.
  • Automatic recognition of currencies.
  • Banknote serial number recognition system (OCR based).
  • 3,2” graphic color TFT display with finger touch function.
  • Logical and clear menu-based operation.
  • Includes an issue sorting mode, which makes it possible to sort out old issue banknotes.
  • Suspect banknotes are sorted out to the reject pocket and will not be counted.
  • Reliability at a reasonable price.
  • Low level of accoustic noise.
  • Data interface for external display and printer (optional).
Dual full-width IR and visible light transmissive and reflective optical inspection with image processing (dual-CIS). Magnetism sensor (thread, value code, and print). Thickness and width/height sensors (3D). UV reflective sensor (fluorescense);
Value counting speed:
800/900 notes per minute (selectable) (Serial number reading: 800 notes per minute);
Piece counting speed:
800/900/1.100 notes per minute (selectable);
Hopper capacity:
500 notes;
Stacker capacity:
200 notes;
Reject pocket capacity:
50 notes;
Power supply:
100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz;
Dimensions (WxHxD):
(264 x 300 x 258)mm;
9,2 kg.
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