Coin packaging machine NGZ 8010

The new coin packaging machine NGZ 8010 offers a highly efficient solution to pack coin rolls into handy shrink film packages. Compared to its famous predessor – the NGZ 8009 – NGZ 8010 offers even more flexibility for setting up all important parameters like temperatures, sealing time, etc. according to specific requirements. All individual settings can be stored in the PLC’s memory and are at hand whenver needed. The new touch screen is pivot mounted to the film roll holder and can be turned by 180 degrees allowing the operation of the machine from almost any position.

  • NGZ 8010 uses only one roll of single layer film.
  • Menu driven operation with clear and easy to read operation parameters and warning messages.
  • Almost unlimited memory capacity to store user specific settings.
  • All operation parameters such as temperatures, chain speed are adjustable within a wide range.
  • Adjustable follow up time for coin wrappers allows to minimise lead time after a break.
Packing speed:
16/12 packages per minute
Sealing and cutting unit:
permanently heated sealing bars
compact size type, direct heating, upper part can be opened, no funs.
Power supply
3x400 V / 50 Hz.
Naudojama galia:
7,7 kVA.
Power consumption:
63 dB(A).
Shrink film specification:
virgin polyethelene (PE)
Dimensions (LxWxH):
(2,160 x 720 x 1,470)mm (footprint without conveyors)
285 kg.