CountEasy TS & CountEasy TS IP

With its ground breaking touch screen technology, the new CountEasy TS delivers greater cash handling efficiencies than any other count by weight scale in the world.

Benefits of the CountEasy TS:

  • Intuitive design and menu  – simple to use, no training is required
  • Intelligent battery management software – the battery pack is fully rechargeable in just over 3 hours
  • Data back-up to Non volatile memory
  • Data transfer possibility – no need to manually key in data. The CountEasy TS uploads all data to any cash spreadsheet or back office system quickly and simply
  • Six times faster than counting by hand and more accurate
  • Unlike some machines there is no need for regular recalibration

The CountEasy TS  and TS IP can be carried effortlessly in one hand and operated from mains or rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours.