Media shredders

The intimus® media shredders are dedicated for breaking it into parts optical, solid state and magnetic media, other plastic or metal objects.

The powerful machines are fast and reliable. The product range includes machines for various applications and offers solutions up to and including security level H-4 according to DIN 66399. The shredding of the hard drive is a safe and economical destruction process, with the possibility of a simple and visual inspection of the successful destruction.

HDD granulator is a special product with unique Hybrid Technology combining the benefits of shredding and disintegration. Security level determined by screen mesh parameters, 6 different screen options are available.

Media to be shreded:

  • optical media,
  • hard disc drives,
  • solid state drives,
  • smartphones, mobile phones,
  • Mini-tablets,
  • flash memory sticks,
  • magnetic tapes.


  • Security level determinable through screen mesh parameters;
  • Actual throughput: depends on model ;
  • Feed opening, mm: depends on model;
  • Continuous manual material feed;
  • Clear, robust buttons for On / Off and Reverse;
  • Specially hardened blades;
  • Maximum operator’s safety;
  • Mounted on rollers for flexible use;
  • Lockable master switch;
  • All doors secured with safety switches;
  • Shredded material collected in standard waste bin;
  • Option: automatic oiler available.


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Security level DIN 66 399:
• CD, DVD :
• Plastic cards:
• HDD:
• Chip-cards, flash drives:
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