Model B53S

Price 1550,00 Eur/piece. price without VAT. One  piece available.

Model B53S is a sliding pass-through that comes ready for installation. The unit is frequently used for physical access supervision in indoor areas and covered outdoor areas such as car parks, gatehouses, government buildings and company gates. Locks automatically in both end positions. Lock can only be released by the operator behind the counter by using the lever. It is not possible to reach through the hole when the drawer is extended or manipulate the mechanism.

The unit is very compact and suitable for use in areas with limited space. For handing over passes, files etc up to A4.

galvanised steel, stainless steel;
Dimensions (WxDxH), mm:
pass-through module (420x400x63),
drawer (320x215x38);
Depth of drawer, mm:
Weight, kg:
20 (option dependent);
Certifications :
firearm FB6 – on request;
fire protection class F90 on request.
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