Shredders for large office

Professional office data shredders are built from durable, precision engineered, high-performance components, designed for a long life of high volume usage. The product range covers all requirements from day-to-day office use for destruction of classified material in line with all current legal requirements such as DIN 66399 or NSA 02/01. intimus® shredders carry various features which make them unique in user-friendliness and operating efficiency.

  • Ecologic  – paper and plastic waste are collected in separate baskets;
  • Automatic start/stop with light barrier;
  • Integrated Auto Reverse Function for easy removal of jammed paper;
  • DLS – Dynamic Load Sensor – controlled performance;
  • Automatic stop at full catchbasket, open door;
  • Overheat protection;
  • Silentec® –  innovative sound dampening principle;
  • Illuminated indicators for stand-by, basket full, door open and paper jam;
  • Sealed dust-free design with robust wooden cabinet;
  • Option: automatic oiler available.

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Catchbasket volume, ltr.:
175 – 200;
Shredding capacity, sheets:
5 – 75 (A4,70 g/m²);
Security level DIN 66 399:
• Paper:
P-2 (strips 5,8mm),
P-3 (particles 4mm x 46mm),
P-4 (particles 3,8mm x 40mm),
P-5 (particles 1,9mm x15mm),
P-6 (particles 0,8mm x 12mm),
P-7 (particles 0,8 mm x 4,5mm).
• CD, DVD :
• Plastic cards:
• Films:
F-1/F-2/F -3,
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