Q-Rack with mechanical lock

A wide variety of Q-Racks and rack systems are used for fixing and storage of Q-Cases in vehicles or at the cash collection points (if Q-Collector is used). Simplest solution for that is Q-Rack with mechanical lock which is a perfect complement to the Q-Case Mini, Q-Case Maxi and Q-Case Collector. This option or combination of a few racks is mostly used with armoured cars.

For information about the racks and rack’s systems with electromechanical rear locking and other more sophisticated solutions/options please apply additionally.

  • Automatic locking of case at placement it to Q-Rack
  • Mechanical key to unlock the case
  • Compatible with Timelock delay function
  • Mounting possibility to floor or wall
Lock system:
Mechanical lock with up to 125 combinations
Operating temperature:
-20ºC to +60ºC
Dimensions (HxWxD):
(525x250x410) mm
Weight (empty):
10 kg