SoftCar solutions

The SoftCar system consists of a number of rack models and a rack control system for effective storage, logistics and security for cash degradation products. All hardware in the system is developed to fulfil standard vehicle environment specifications.

  • Simplicity by users to set up the system for all types of CIT operational and security requirements.
  • SoftCar Rack Control System is used as a rack controller running on an embedded touch computer unit installed in vehicle.
  • SoftCar RCU (Rack Control Unit) software and hardware supports timestamped logging of each serial number of cash degradation product which enters or leave a rack.
  • All user events are registered in the system
  • Minimized risk for the user to manipulate the system
  • Low power consumption

Picture 2 – Rack Control Unit.
Picture 3 – Horizontal rack for 6 Q- cases in the vehicle, managed from RCU through a predefined encrypted CAN-bus communication protocol.
Picture 4 – Practical example – picture of Wolkswagen Caddy rack for secure carriage of 17 pcs of Q-Case Maxi.