Universal currency detector Supervision MC2

Price starts at 299 EUR*

*VAT not included.

Professional, semi-automatic, multicurrency, ECB certified banknote detector and value counter. Space saving construction with a parking of accepted banknotes in pocket turned 180 degrees, unique and outstanding design with ergonomic vertical banknote feeding makes this machine a standard for every bank or exchange office, cash point and counter. Additional optional currencies set installed: USD, GBP, EUR.

  • Multifunction button for easy and user friendly operation
  • Banknotes can be inserted in all four orientations.
  • Currency auto switch.
  • Counts numbers of accepted banknotes and displays the total value.
  • Suspect banknotes automatically generate transport stop and the note can easily be removed.
multiple wavelength IR absorption and reflection sensor technology, combined with size, magnetism, colour (RGB) and thread sensors.
Detection speed:
more than 2 notes per second
Stacker capacity:
100 notes
Transport system:
Power supply:
100-240 V / 50-60 Hz (adapter included)
Dimensions (WxHxD):
(303x115x187) cm
1,46 kg
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