Case for PC, model 5833 IT

Strong, customised internal foam, durable case model 5833 IT providing a solution for cariage of PCs (15,6“) and accesories. The ultra-mobile transport container of IT equipment  on wheels and telescopic handle is made of rugged recycable polypropylene.

The ventilation slots allows charging units whenthe container is closed. The power connector and RJ45 connection is placed on the right hand side of the container. A soft foam solution inside for a perfect protection of your equipments. Additional space is forseen for accesories.

Outside dimension:
670x510x372 mm
Inside dimension:
580x440x330 mm
Polypropylen PP
Gross weight:
12.56 kg
optional, padlock code lock
Power connection:
outside right
outside right
Device type:
Notebook 15.6"
Number of devices:
Space dimension (for device):
390x260x40 mm
Space dimensions (for power supply):
140x59x34 mm