Technical maintenance and repaires

It‘s obvious that periodical preventive technical maintenance is key factor giving a very positive effect for successfull fault-free usage and long-life of each equipment.

By signing with us a long term Technical Support contract:

You will ensure:

  • a solution every technical problem could arrise in a shortest time,
  • reliable, stop-free  usage of equiupment,
  • long-life of your equipment,
  • savings of you expenditure;

You will be able:

  • more precisely estimate your expenditure,
  • to have a detailed monthly reports of jobs done,
  • be confident with technical status of you equipment, to have a recommendations for optimisation your property,
  • reliable technical support after standard working hours,  weekends and holidays.

In case if you not our contractual partner yet please contact our Help Desk and ask for a visit of our technician or adjudt the details of delivery of equpiment faulty to our Service division by yourself. Our staff will solve your issue in a shortest time possible.