Handheld document checker Doculus Lumus®

Experienced document specialists knows what features they need to look for in a document. Oftenly the place where fake documents are analysed more precisely is an office far away from the border posts. So prior to this, fake documents must be identified by the frontliners at the border, on the motorway, on the train or at the airport.

Usually only 30 seconds are available for the examination of a document and to decide whether a fake is present or not.

Handheld document checker Doculus Lumus® is a device which makes this task easy and comfortable.

Base functions:

  • Doculus Lumus® is specially designed for outdoor use;
  • 15x or 22x magnification, high quality glass lenses;
  • Inspection area approx. 20 mm;
  • 4 incident white light LEDs;
  • 4 UV LEDs 365nm;
  • 8 LEDs for rotating white oblique light;
  • Torchlight mode;
  • Front UV Torch 365 nm;
  • IR Laser 980 nm for Anti-Stokes (optional);
  • Left-/right-handed mode ;
  • Steady light (persistant for taking documentary pictures, with auto power off);
  • RFID Transponder Quick Check for ePassport check for Type A and Type B, both ID and ICAO (optional);
  • Battery saving modes provide extra long operation time (3-5 months battery lifetime at normal daily use);
  • Li-Ionen Accu 300 mAh (optional);
  • Automatic shutdown after 1min even on lasting keypress;
  • High Robustness;
  • Belt bag, top closeable, two small compartments for spare batteries and accesories (optional);
  • CE and RoHS approved.
Dimensions (HxWxD):
(110x52x30) mm;
Weight (with batteries):
approx 100 g;
Power supply:
2 x AAA type batteries.
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