information erasers

Developed by hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturers, firmware-based Secure Erase is a standard technology embedded in most hard drives.
When activated Secure Erase command Intimus Hammer SE / SES, the HDD is completely purged back to the original status, with all data eliminated. While the command is implemented, the HDD is assigned a random password that locks the drive down. It will not unlock until the Secure Erase procedure is complete. Secure Erase is faster, more secure, and far more energy-efficient than any software overwriting solution.

These easy to use, one-step devices connect to up to four hard drives via standard cables and erases data at speeds up to 4.0 GB per minute.

  • Hard drives may be re-used – promoting better environmental stewardship
  • Verifies that the data has been removed
  • Generates a stored or printed audit trail

Useable as a stand-alone device or in connection with any standard PC (via USB).

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