Outdoor information kiosks

Strong build quality outdoor information kiosk range offers a great versatility for outdoor applications, combining attractive design with the highest possible construction quality.

The standard free-standing and wall-mounted HAWK series kiosks are ideal for most outdoor applications. Excellent for public information, tourist and city information and similar outdoor kiosk projects.

The wall-mounted HAWK version retains all the advantages of the standard model whilst the variable mounting height enables access by wheelchair users and people of varying heights and ages.

The highest construction quality is combined with zinc coated chassis with special outdoor paint, multipoint safetylock, full thermal insulation, temperature and humidity control inside the kiosk is controlled by thermostat and hygrostat sensors. Fully secured wiring is installed for maximum user safety and kiosk hardware protection.

  • 19“ LCD vandal-proof touch screen;
  • Active speakers;
  • PC in custom configuration;
  • The Hawk is available in many different configurations all depending on the application;
  • Options upon request:
    • 19“ LCD with secure glass protection,
    • 19“ up to 47“ LCD portrait oriented with touchscreen,
    • Metal keyboard with trackball.
    • Coin acceptor,dispenser,
    • Note acceptor,
    • Card reader(chip, magnetic, noncontact),
    • Pinpad,
    • Thermal Printer,
    • UPS,
    • Video camera,
    • Telephone handset,
    • Barcode reader,
    • SiteKiosk Internet Browser,
    • Wide Colour Choice,
    • Custom graphics,
    • WiFi,
    • Metal roof with toplight,
    • Plexiglass roof,
    • Stainless steel pedestal with protection bar,
    • Remote control unit,
    • Air-condition,
    • Other peripherals on request.

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