Signature pad

The LCD signature pad serves as an input device for signatures and is used to capture writing characteristics (biometrics) accurately and in a high resolution as well as to display textual and graphical information on the LCD (Liquid Chrystal Display). This LCD visualizes the signature on the pad in real time. Furthermore, the supplied software displays the signature on the computer monitor in real time.

The pad is extremely compact, tough and thereby perfect for the mobile use. But even when used stationary, due to the flat construction and the optional vertical penholder the signature pad stays in its comfort zone and adapts itself to your personal needs.

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Additional information


4“ (10,5 cm), monochrome, with optional backlight;


320 x 160 pixel absolute / 86 x 86 ppi;

Pixel size:

0,275 mm;

Visible area:

92 x 47 mm;

Output rate of coordinates:

Up to 500 Hz 4D samples;

Internal sampling rate:

6.000 samples per second;

USB port:

HID-USB 2.0. Full-Speed-Mode (12 MBit/s);

Cable port:


Cable length:

1,5 m arba 5 m (opcija);

Power consumption:

Standby-Mode: < 500 μA, operating without Back Light: 45 mA, with Back Light: 165 mA;


160 x 120 x 10 mm;