SiteKiosk Software

SiteKiosk is the ideal software solution to securely display web content (HTML, Flash, video, and so on.) and programs in the public domain in information terminals. You can use SiteKiosk to restrict access to the operating system and its settings, websites, files, folders and applications. SiteKiosk along with SiteRemote allows you to control your computer remotely, and allows you to charge your customers for using InfoKiosks or services.

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€ 149.00*


€ 200.00*


€ 99.00*

12 months free updates:
Configuration tool:
OS & Browser Lockdown:
Auto start + Shell replacement:
Scheduled shutdown & restart:
Session reset after idle time:
Folder/file access management:
Display in fullscreen mode:
Adjustable display sizes for screen elemente:
Remote Maintenance:
Digital Signage:
Selection of browser skins:
Customizable user interface:
Logout (Clear history):
Start page templates:
Execute programs you specified:
Split Screen:
Silent installation:
XML configuration file:
Remap keyboard layouts:
Dialog window blocking:
Debug output window:
Log files:
Support of multiple languages:
Download & file manager:
On-screen keyboard:
Internet content filter:
VoIP conferencing:
Payment device support:
Charging for PC usage:

* Prices are without VAT.