Universal detector C12

C12 detector is universal desktop detector for detailed inspecting banknotes or documents. Due to large screen visualisation of the whole banknote (or ID document) or part of it if moved on the lighted work area of C12. For closer inspection of the documents the optional micromouse C605 or C608 can be connected.

By simply clicking on button a picture of inspected security features can be taken and automatically saved to the detector’s internal memory. Detector can be connected to PC by mini USB for further storage and examination of the images taken.

Basic functions:
full and detailed view, white direct, transmitted or sidelight, UV (A and C), IR light
LCD screen size:
Image taking:
2 cameras, internal
Internal memory:
2 GB
Power supply:
12 V
Dimensions (HxDxW):
(270 x 170 x 280) mm
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