Security bags and envelopes

Our company is a trusted supplier of one-way plastic bags and envelopes used widely in various fields activity such as:

  • cash encashment and transit,
  • transfer of valuables,
  • storage and transit of confidential documents,
  • criminology,
  • tax-free trade in airports,
  • food industry,
  • courier post,
  • trade,
  • press.

Our products are produced of mechanically rugged re-cyclable materials using “Safe & Secure” and other special technologies which gives tamper evidence against any trial to access the content of the bag or envelope.

Additionally security and tracebility of the package is ensured by numbering, bar-coding, tear-off receipt and other newest technologies.
We are supply a standard or specially designed products which size, material, design, colours, security means, quantity, etc., are discussed with the client in very details before the production is started.