Security seals

Security seals are used in a many areas – logistc (trucks, containers caried out by road, railway and sea,  transportation of cash and valuables, utility meters (water meters, gas meters), security services (door, safes, security boxes),  brand protection (food, other articles) etc.

Security, usage and personalization options of the seals:

  • Material of seal – plastic, metal, combined, label seals ;
  • Usage options– single-use, re-usable;
  • Application, removal of the seal– by hand, self-locking, or with a special tools ;
  • Operation length – fixed length, adjustable, aditional sealing wire for large dimensions objects;
  • Security method – mechanical, RFID, electronic;
  • Tracking method – numbering, double-numbering, logo, barcode, colour.

We supply a seals of standard specification and personalised on request as well.

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